Alison Stanton Alison Stanton is the driving force behind Stanton Ventures. As the Chief Problem Solver, she tackles obstacles to drive business impact through data. Through data engineering consulting she makes data accessible and actionable for Operations teams, Product Managers, and clients.

Writing code since 1997, her work spans decades, tech stacks, roles, industries, company growth phases, and all levels of stakeholders. The breadth and depth of her experiences enables her to synthesize the perspectives of business constraints, decision makers, and users into well-considered, coherent solutions. Her varied career and interdisciplinary studies background also supports her ability to translate between engineering and business colleagues. The resulting facilitation of cross-functional negotiations, reduction in miscommunications, and contextually-informed decisions minimizes project risks.

She's happiest when writing code though also loves knitting and using technology to empower audacious ideas.

Certified LGBT Business Enterprise

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

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